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Mindy's Soap Box: May I Have Your Attention Please?

posted Feb 23, 2011, 7:39 PM by David W.
Mindy writes 

If you have been reading up on my friend, Phil, who happens to be battling Multiple Myeloma. Then you know that I am committed to helping him and I am also making a commitment to help others like him.  For several months now, I have been contemplating whether or not to start a foundation, that will help people diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and their families by making it easier on them with day to day struggles. 

We all know that there are dozen of foundations for just about every type of cancer that is strictly set up for funding research to not only find the cure, but to also find new treatments that are proven to help fight the disease. These foundations are vital and are very important.  However,  there are little to no resources for people who have a need because of the disease they have been dealt with leaves them financially broken or destitute.